Monitoring and Control

Remote monitoring, remote control and wireless data collection have a great impact on businesses these days. Sensors can gather data from assets and business processes. A wireless sensor network consists of a multitude of autonomous devices with integrated sensors to monitor physical or environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, vibration or pollution. Each device/sensor node is linked up with the computing centre by means of radio data communication. Wireless-enabled sensor nodes can now easily be installed in spots where a wired system was not an option before such as in moving or rotating assets.

Typical applications are industrial process control, asset tracking, fleet management, logistics, energy control, agriculture, water and waste management, alarm and security management, irrigation Control, environmental conditions (light, temperature, humidity, wind speed, water level), pollution Monitoring, traffic flow monitoring, food temperature control and others. 

Würth Elektronik eiSos provides a variety of ready-made wireless ISM modules for rapid integration, complete wireless software stacks vor various RF chips and microcontrollers and custom design services for telemetry / sensor network applications to OEMs and system integrators.

Case Study

Testo AG, Germany

The data monitoring system from Testo is a flexible and reliable solution for humidity and temperature monitoring in warehouses, storage rooms and work spaces as well as processes.

The system enables the continuous availability of the measured data on a smartphone, tablet or PC and secure online storage of all measured data in the cloud.

Testo deploys AMBER 's Sub 1 GHz and 2.4 GHz wireless modules.