Automated Meter Reading: Wireless M-Bus Solutions

Automated Meter Reading is a technology for automated data collection from energy/water metering devices and others for billing and analyzing purposes. Standard systems divide themselves into two categories: fixed meter reading networks and drive-by/walk-by networks.

The benefits deriving from RF technology are tremendous. Companies save plenty of money due to enhanced speed of data reading and less chance of lacking data due to missing meter access.

Wireless M-Bus according to EN13757:4. This standard specifies the communication between water, gas, heat and electricity meters or concentrators and it is becoming widely accepted in Europe as a basis for new Smart Metering / Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) installations. In addition, there exist various specifications on top of the standard, such as the OMS (Open Metering System) in Germany that should ensure the interoperability of metering devices between multiple manufacturers. AMBER wireless is an active member of the OMS group, helping to create the specification.

Würth Elektronik eiSos provides a wide range of OEM wireless modules to be integrated in meters, smart meter gateways, mobile data collection terminals and data loggers. We also offer out-of-the box communication adapters that turn meter devices with wired interface into a wireless M-Bus-enabled device. All our products comply with the Wireless M-Bus standard.

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